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Zhenya and Sasha are speaking.

5 years ago Zhenya and I met and we realised that we love to discover cultures and world history! We made the decision to go on journeys with our friends to share the joy. Our journeys began with a building our own sailing catamaran "Impetuous" for a sailing in White Sea to Solovetsky Islands. A few years have passed and we've made dozens of trips. So friends of our friends and their friends have joined us.
We've organised more than 40 sailing trips so far: Italy, Croatia, Russia, Ireland, Norway, The Netherlands, Abkhazia, Georgia, Scotland, Turkey, Greece, Spain and Morocco

Every trip for us is not only sailing, walking, hiking or driving, it's a real journey. We prepare every trip very carefully; we explore the history, seek out local cuisine, research landmarks and add them to our roadmap.

While our journeys you will be able to visit a glacier in Norway, a volcano in Sicily, and caves in Croatia. You will be able to try paella in Spain, exotic fruits in Seychelles, pršut in Croatia and cod in Norway!

We're also serious about maintaining a high proficiency in our yachting abilities. We practice sailing in Northern countries such as Ireland and the The Netherlands; adhering to the Royal Yachting Association system. The sailing conditions in the North are tougher than in the mediterranean, so they allow us to make our yacht trips safe and comfortable. We gain experience year by year.

Here are the fundamental principles we follow during our sailing trips:
  • Safety first, We never take risks to reach a goal, stick to a plan or follow whims, because an alive traveller is a happy traveller :) We also provide insurance to each participant of a journey.
  • Worry free travelling. We free our travellers from any sort of every-day routines: washing dishes, supplying food, cooking or any other routine you prefer not doing every day of your trip. During our journeys you're free to spend your leisure time as you like, it's not limited at all: sunbathing on the yacht bow, walking up a volcano, walking in the city alone or with company, learn sailing or just enjoying a good book -- it's all welcome.

Recently we came up with a new travelling format for hard-core travellers -- expedition.
These contain more complicated routes and a crew that splits responsibilities equally between the members. In 2020 we're organising 2 expeditions: France → England and Norway → Faroe Islands. These types of trips are serious: all the members participate in sailing and are in charge of the every-day routines.
The key to a successful journey is interesting people.
Our crew is often very diverse, and always had people from many different backgrounds on board: advocates, programmers, neurobiologists, language teachers, an underwater archaeologist, HR, sales managers, a Maya specialist, a painter monumentalist and many others! So don't worry, if you will need to learn something interesting, it'll be an easy way to find the right person! A bonus to all above, is that we always have the nicest people on board!

We try to add little things to our journeys like a professional photography during the trips.
Once 2-3 months we send a mail to our subscribers with a future journeys announcement. Besides you can follow us in Telegram t.me/newatletika, and Instagram instagram.com/newatletika. You're welcome to contact us by mail/telephone/messenger/in person:

Should you have any questions, feel free to ask them!
Hope to see you soon!
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