Dream trip to
Sardinia & Corsica
on a catamaran
October, 2-9, 2021
Sardinia & Corsica
We are going to visit two countries — Italy and France, and in both cases the locals think they have their own islands, and not consider themselves as a part of Italy or France. We're going to see the authentic culture of the places.
Incredible diving sites: landslides of Fiordino, Cala Inglesi and Shark Point. These locations are rich in marine fauna such as groupers, snappers, meagre fish and morays that liven up submarine landscapes of rare beauty
Bonifacio is one of the most dramatic natural harbours in the world. As well as this is a little town with cozy streets.
Sardinia is well known as a resort for film / music stars — they know how to choose good places for holidays.
We'll visit the places:
Caprera, Santa Teresa Gallura, Pianottoli-Caldarello, Bonifacio, Porragia Island, Maddalena archipelago
Catamaran Bali 3.4
Our trip

Corsica-Sardinia, in October, 2-9, 2021

We are going to visit all these places on a brand new catamaran — much more space for each of us compared to the yacht we had before.

Catamaran Bali 3.4
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