Sicily September 2020
In September we're gathering 2 boats for a sailing trip to the Aeolian islands near the italian island Sicily. If you're reading this text you are invited to join us!
Why Aeolian islands?
  • Spanish, Greek, Roman, French and Arabian culture in one place
  • Volcanoes. Big and small, active and inactive.
  • Stunning nature
Aeolian islands have been located at an intersection of a number of Mediterranean routes thus you can find plenty of historical artifacts of different periods, and there are still remains of ancient ships at the bottom of the sea.

These islands contain everything: wine, delicious food, interesting people and all of it has its own originality. We'll explore hidden villages further from the coast: in ancient times there were many pirates and it wasn't safe to live near the shore.

We're going to taste the local pizza, sicilian Malvasia and drink granita on a hot day!
We can visit the real active volcano Stromboli. We'll see it erupting afar from our boat and if it's safe (and we want to), we will be able to climb to the top of it with a dedicated guide to see and hear the erupting closer with our own eyes.
Salina & Lipari
We're going to walk in the citadel of the XVI century built on even more ancient walls of the greek polis -- Lipari

We will see 100m high steep cliffs on Salina and bizarre shaped limestone mines on Lipari.

We'll see stunning views in grottos and nature pools where we'll travel from the shore by motorboat.
All these islands differ from each other. We're gonna be able to warm up in the thermal spring waters (right in the sea) and the mud baths on island of Vulcano.
Our trip
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Sicily, September, 19-26, 2020.

The total cost is €950.

All booking & cancellation info you could find here.


Two sailing boats will be waiting for you (model Oceanis 51.1 2019 and 2020 year) in marina Portorossa.

How to get to the place

You can fly to Palermo or Catania. Marina is located literally in between these cities. The quickest way to get to the marina is to take a 2 hours train (it goes from both cities) and we'll meet you at the station Portorossa.

Etc. Conditions

In price the following is included:
  • Two times a day meal: breakfast and lunch/dinner;
  • Sleeping on the boat, rooms for two people (every cabin will contain two people, you will be sharing it with someone else!)
In price the following is NOT included: :
  • Flights or visa expenses;
  • Any meals out of the boat;
  • Any excursions, tours out of the boat;
  • Pretty much everything out of the boat :)