Long story short
Or what to expect on the boat
  • Two people per cabin
  • We spend nights on the boat in marinas – small ports made specifically for yachts where you have access to a proper bathroom and shower.
  • On every boat we have a shower, kitchen area with a gas hob, electricity (12V when we're moving and 220V sockets if we're in marina and plugged in to the marina's electrical points), drinking water
  • Every boat has quite a few small drawers for storing your personal belongings, so as a rule it's better to take a soft bag with you to the trip, which you will be able to fold and put in one of the drawers. There is not enough space for storing large luggage.
  • Among special robes that you should take with you on the boat it's worth to mention only yacht boots – the boots that are not going to smudge the yacht floor. And they should be the second pair of boots as you will use it only on the yacht but not on the streets.
  • In the evenings it's gonna be a cooling breeze on the sea, so it makes sense to take something warm for these cases.
  • On the sea the breeze is blowing most of the time and even if the temperature is quite high you can feel slightly cold. So you can take windproof clothes or a just a jacket with long sleeves to feel more comfortable.
  • It's necessary to have sunglasses with a UV filter and a bottle of sun protection lotion: reflection from the water increases the UV rays intensity.
We'll update you with more details closer to the dates of the trip
and enhance the list due to the weather forecast!